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On Tyler’s Guides, you will find how-tos, tutorials, and introductions covering computers, IT, and telecommunications.

About the Author

Why should you listen to me? At first, you shouldn’t. Hopefully through quality content, I can build a reputation as a writer of accurate and helpful content. A how-to works or it doesn’t. Facts can be looked up. Math can be verified. A guide helps you learn or do something or it doesn’t. I am an expert in my own opinion.

I would like to remain as anonymous as possible, so I am going to be somewhat vague. I have been working in IT for 15 years. I have experience with PC repair, software development, security, and systems administration. Over the years I have built my skills through self-study, military training, formal education, certification programs, vendor training, coursera.org, and work experience.


There were several motivators for starting this site. I have ran into some deficiencies when trying to learn things or figure things out throughout the years. Sometimes documentation or literature covering a topic is lacking. When troubleshooting problems, I have seem bad advice that will fix the problem but would make me an easy target to a malicious hacker. Lastly, in a previous job, one of my responsibilities was training new coworkers. It was probably my favorite part of that job because I felt I was helping them build their career. Hopefully I can improve the lives of my readers.

Contact Me

I have a fairly large list of articles to write, but I am open to suggestions. Feel free to send them to me via the contact page. If the suggestion is already on my list, there is a good chance it will be the next article, or if I am already close to finishing one, the one after that.

If anyone finds anything to be inaccurate, send me a message through the contact page and I will correct it ASAP.

If anyone wishes to advertise here, send me a message through the contact page and we can discuss it.